About Us

Spiral is a transportation design company grounded on more than 30 years of experience in international infrastructure projects.


We offer infrastructure solutions to challenging transportation projects combining expertise and innovation.


While Spiral is a Spanish company, our first overseas office was established in 2021 in Texas, where we will continue our growth and increase our expertise, while developing a closer relationshipwith our American clients.

“We are a multidisciplinary expert team recognized for their timely, high-quality work and their commitment to providing optimized and cost-effective solutions to our clients.”


Our team is our greatest asset – Spiral  consists of a highly qualified multidisciplinary team of civil engineers, licensed Professional Engineers (P.E), MSc graduates, ITs and Technicians lead by Alfredo Diego and Elisa Muela.


Spiral team has proven expertise in international transportation engineering projects, standing out in the design of urban and rural high-capacity highways, high-speed railways and complex multi-level interchanges.


We have successfully carried out projects in The United States, Canada, Spain, Central and South America, Middle East and Africa.

We successfully develop all our projects through a large variety of software conforming to each project requirements and client demand.